Treatment of Cracked Teeth in Reston

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Endodontists often treat patients who have cracked teeth since they are the experts in both saving teeth and relieving dental pain. Dental trauma, teeth grinding, and ordinary wear and tear can all result in a cracked tooth. A crack might cause constant pain or only cause pain when you eat. Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures is another common sign of a cracked tooth.

Even the most skilled dentists have difficulty diagnosing cracks in teeth. Endodontists have surgical microscopes and other specialized technology that general dentists rarely have, allowing us to detect small cracks in teeth that would otherwise go unnoticed and treat them to relieve your pain.

The location and severity of a cracked tooth determine your treatment options. It's critical to seek treatment as soon as possible, since this offers us the best chance of saving your tooth from extraction and replacement. Most of the time, we can save your tooth by removing the infected or inflamed pulp tissue, and your dentist will be able to restore the external damage with a dental crown or filling.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cracked Teeth

Can a cracked tooth heal itself?

No, a fractured tooth will not heal on its own. Instead, it will worsen with time, potentially leading to infection or the need for extraction.

How much does it cost to fix cracked teeth?

The cost of repairing a broken tooth varies based on which tooth is affected and the severity of the crack. You must also consider the expense of the restoration required to restore the tooth's structure. These costs may be covered by your dental insurance.

Is a cracked tooth an emergency?

If you have severe pain from a cracked tooth, it is a dental emergency; the pulp may be irritated or infected. A broken tooth that is not painful requires timely treatment to prevent the crack from worsening, but it doesn’t necessarily require same-day emergency treatment.

Does a cracked tooth need to be extracted?

Your tooth will need to be extracted if the crack extends below the gum line. The best way to prevent this from happening is by seeking prompt treatment.

How can an endodontist see a cracked tooth if my dentist can’t?

An endodontist examines your teeth with a surgical microscope, which allows us to find cracks that aren't visible to the naked eye or even on dental x-rays.

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