The Connections Between Reston Ice Rink and Reston Endodontics

Team Endodontics, Injury

The winter months bring an opportunity for all sorts of new adventures. For those in Reston, VA, it means time to grab the ice skates and head to Reston Town Center. From November to March, residents of all ages enjoy putting on their best ice skating performances at Reston Ice Rink - showing off their moves, regardless of their skill level. 

After wearing down the ice, it's time to warm up with dinner, perhaps at JINYA Ramen Bar or PassionFish Reston. For many, a routine such as this is how memories are made. For others, well - it may have started at the Reston Ice Rink, but instead of dinner, the memory leads to Reston Endodontics. 

Reston Ice Rink and Reston Endodontics: What’s the Connection? 

Ice skating can be fun, but it can get slippery. And, it doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned ice skater or you are new to the sport, it hurts to fall on ice. All too often these falls result in direct contact with your teeth. 

Dental Trauma

Taking a tumble when trying to impress your friends by doing some forward swizzles on the ice can lead to dental trauma - impacting everything from your teeth, lips, and gums to your tongue and jawbone. Cracked or broken teeth, a displaced tooth or even a tooth that has been completely knocked out (avulsed) is possible. And many of these types of trauma require immediate attention. 

Fractures and Cracked Teeth

When hitting the ice, teeth can easily fracture and crack. With fractures you can often see the damage, but with cracks, not so much. Even if you don’t feel any pain at the moment and assume that it is only a cosmetic issue, the pulp of your tooth can be jeopardized. This is because the tiniest cracks and fractures can leave a space for bacteria to enter the tooth and cause decay or infection on the inside. Another reason why you need to seek treatment.

Reston Endodontics to the Rescue

Reston Endodontics has the tools to provide prompt treatment, giving you the best chance of saving your tooth. After all, doing everything possible to preserve a natural tooth is what we do because of the benefits it brings: 

  • Maintains normal functionality, bite force and chewing
  • Reduces the need for additional - and more costly - dental work
  • Allows you to keep a natural appearance 

Treatment for potential dental trauma at the rink can include a root canal to remove the inflamed or infected pulp tissue followed by a filling or dental crown to seal the tooth and restore its integrity. For teeth that are cracked or broken, a dental crown is always a great choice to protect the tooth itself, while giving you back a functional, beautiful tooth. Using surgical microscopes and other specialized technology, endodontists are able to see the tiniest of cracks and treat them appropriately. 

There are many different types of treatment available when you know someone with the right skills. So, get out there and have some fun. And, should the unthinkable happen, you know who to call. 

If you live in or around the Reston, VA area, and you find yourself in need of endodontic treatment - whether due to ice skating or something else - the Board Certified Endodontic Specialists at Reston Endodontics are close by and waiting for you. 

Contact us at 703-399-2333. Or, request an appointment online.